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The Welljoy Pack is little box of wellbeing for you or loved ones. It's packed full of wellbeing goodies to help you start your wellbeing journey and feel good right away. Start your happiness journey today; you and your loved ones deserve it. Contains small parts. Suitable for children 7+ years old.


Your Welljoy Pack contains the following beautifully crafted items:

1 x A5 affirmation poster

1 x Affirmation postcard

2 x Pocket sized affirmation cards

A Welljoy Pack confirmation letter

A A6 Welljoy note pad

A Welljoy Map – go on a wellbeing adventure!

A Welljoy Pack pen

A affirmation wristband (adult sizes only)

A Wellljoy Pack keyring

A fold out Welljoy Plan – take small steps towards a future full of wellbeing!


What is a Welljoy Pack?


Welljoy thoughts

Invite positivity into your life with beautiful motivational posters, affirmation pocket-sized cards and keyring. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and feel amazing today. 


Welljoy adventures

Go on an adventure and rediscover your strengths and talents. Use your Welljoy map to find places nearby that make you smile and send a postcard to friends to tell them about your amazing adventure.


Welljoy activities

Take small steps today that will make you feel fantastic right away. Your Welljoy plan will guide you towards a future full of wellbeing. Make notes on your progress in your very own Welljoy notepad.


Welljoy goodies

Your Welljoy pack contains lots of fabulous goodies to keep you entertained. Wear your welljoy wristband and take positive thoughts with you wherever you go. Try some mindfulness colouring in and show off your welljoy pack keyring.


Welljoy Pack

  • Buy a Happy Pack today for yourself or a loved one and start your journey to happiness. Your Happy Pack is crammed full of goodies that will help you to take simple steps towards a happy life. Treat yourself today - you deserve it! Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 7 years old.

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